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May 06, 2009



How about a winter focus next year instead with winter recipe & mulled smoothies - a festival with an ice rink, skiing/snowboarding, sledging, snowman contests, christmas themed crafts, cookery and stalls based on healthy eating and good honest fruit and veg... and probably lots of fake snow!


Have an extreme festival!! Bungee jumping, those elastic and trampoline things, kite boarding on the grass, rock (or tree) climbing, paragliding, hanggliding you could even have some skydivers land in the field in the middle to raise money for charity.


I think you should have a fruity Highland games. Most Highland are pretty fruity due to the volume of real Scotman attending. :);)


school sports days! its advertising to us kiddlywinkles, who are your customers of the future. and even better for those schools that have the healthy school award! (mine does (finham park school)) and i am appauled that there is no innocent village fete this year; i have to stay here all summer and it would have been one of my highlights! tsk tsk.


I think you should have an old-fashioned School Sports Day, with all the favourite old races - sack race, egg and spoon etc.- for adults, of course. It promotes exercise (?) and is lots of fun.


There was nothing wrong with the Village Fete. We travelled hundreds of miles to get to it and were happy to do that 'cos it was London. I doubt we'd travel anywhere else, except to Exhibition Park in Newcastle.

A blues festival in Battersea Park would be good.

Moz Bulbeck

How about working in conjunction with these guys to create a virtual gig?


A Christmas party. In August. It's fun :)


PLEASE get Kitty Daisy and Lewis back!

gary whittle

Is the fete on this year. Do you have any contact info.


what a shame, keep the fete!


I JUST WANT ANOTHER sulking now.


With the fete you managed to target various consumer groups and most importantly, the event was family friendly as well as excellent fun for everyone else (not an easy task I imagine). How about a massive innocent carnival in 2010 which culminates in a festival? Spread the juices over London (or wherever) and end up back in a glorious park! Fruit fancy dress = free entry?

Emily Fyson

I think you should do a TEDDY BEAR ALTON TOWERS, where everyone brings a teddy bear along to go on extraordinary rides, like Teddy Oblivion, teddy skywire and teddy boatraces. There is a similar event at the Barton-under-Needwood festival in Staffordshire. Check out to see how the Toybox teddy got on!


nothing will ever compare to fruitstock they were the best and most memorable!
the only thing that could beat that is great bands and musicians headlining a regents park festival of its own bands like oasis,singers like madonna,george michael and amy winehouse that would be amazing and its long overdue!


it would be great to have some music concerts in winter too as well as some fireworks events and christmas events like winter wonderland ice skating rinks and shows.ghosthunting events for halloween, most haunted live even! there is so little going on in winter and summer needs improving as well.hyde park gets all the glory its time for a change ! please make that change !

Paul Brandenburg

Inflatable castles!!! for adults though.

Also a semi-organised big water fight would be cool

"Guess how many litres of smoothie are in this container?" (and then at the end you rig up like 50 pipes to the bottom to see how long it takes to drink it all!)" you could even have a competition, one being banana/straw, and the other being the kiwi or whichever and then whoever finishes first wins! you could also use as a proxy for which one is better tasting.

face-paint in the colour of your favourite smoothie which you can charge £5 for. then free smoothies of that type for the day.
what do ya think?


Definitely bring Angus and Julia Stone back next year, whatever you do!

linda Charlemagne

The fruitstock festivals are the best day out and I made sure that i spread the word amongst all my freinds. My only critsism is the price. The first year we went I dont remember having to pay but the proceeding years tickets were so expensive for families. Also they had a fun fair which again was really expensive. Charging adults full price (£2!!) for sitting on a childs merry go round type ride as they the very small children were too scared to go it alone. Everything else about the festival was fab. well thought out. The first year they had a large play area with loads of early learning toys such as paddling pools, sand pits etc. we couldnt get him away. I think a beach idea sounds good.

adam burns

great bands and smoothies


I love the idea of a beach party! How about bringing a massive amount of sand into central London, some tropical fruit, buckets and spades, and some beach volleyball!!!! Would make a great outing for hundreds of school kids during the week for a bit of beach sports.

Sharon Carter

Please bring back the fete, we loved it.


I reckon you should do something in Hyde Park or Regents Park. Somewhere in London but well known. Or maybe you could do something in Brighton? On the beach? I like the idea of a beach theme and Brighton is a well known place so people will be able to get there easily by train or bus:)

Becca Andrews

Please please please ring back the fete for 2010. We had such a good time in the pouring rain with loads of yummy foods and smoothies!!!


STALLS... these are a great way for the public to become better informed about causes and issues that are of interest to them and that are important to innocent, such as climate change and fair trade!

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