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July 29, 2008



so is it going to sell out or can we pay on the day? I'd like to go but i just can't bring myself to shell out to t*cketmaster an additional 20% for adults and 29% booking fee on kids' tickets, they really are the lowest of the low and hardly in keeping with the ethical and charitable spirit of the festival.



Last year we sold out so if you're planning on coming along, it'd be better to get your ticket online today rather than risk turning up on Saturday or Sunday and being disappointed.

Lots of people got turned away last year on the day as tickets sold out and given all the great stuff that's going to be happening, it'd be a shame for you to get to the park and not be able to come in.

We did think about including the booking fee in the ticket price but wanted to be totally transparent about where the money was going. Unfortunately, we haven’t got the manpower or means to manage the ticketing ourselves and this was the best, most hassle free solution to make it easy for everyone to get tickets.

Really hope you can come along as it's going to be brilliant. Not sure where else you can see ferret racing, a chicken circus and a ukulele orchestra for under a tenner this weekend.

Hopefully see you in the park.



dan at innocent

Hello J_T

Tickets are selling quickly. The last few are available via the web right now. It's up to you if you can risk waiting until tomorrow to see if there are any left on the gate. But we hope you come along, whatever you choose to do.

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